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Well, I've been dealing with Eric and the gang for a lot of years. They have NEVER steared me wrong in my early years and have always been competative with their pricing when you consider shipping costs. They're the closest 4x4 shop to me which has made it easier to spend a couple thousand dollars, make that several thousand dollars over the years.

To name several things:
a) Straps
b) Hooks
c) Truck bed freight bars
d) Winch mounting plate
e) Winch servicing
f) Front hoop and spreader bars for roll cage
g) Snatch block
h) Wheels
i) Re-mounting of tires after wheeling (Freebie)
j) Battery tray and tie-down
k) Valve stems
l) etc. etc. etc...

I'll give Hoak's a "Thumbs Up"

04 Rubi:
I 2nd that I dealt with them when I had my truck and talked with them about the Jeep always willing to give advice and give you the best option for you even if it is the cheaper route. So they are not just out for the $$$  GREAT Shop...

(Tattoo) Jack:
   Tray set me up with my LS in both axles. Asked questions like, what kind of wheeling I would be doing, was it my DD, etc. so I would get the RIGHT products to fit my needs.  Both Mike and Tray have answered my ?'s and offered advice (many times) even when they knew I was doing the work myself. Yes... 2 thumbs up!

   Tattoo 8)

Mike and Tray were super helpful when Matt decided to do his lift kit.  Being new to the jeeping world, they were really helpful and knowledgeable.....we would give them two thumbs up as well!!! 


Hoaks Four Wheel Drive
815 Hellam Street
Wrightsville, PA 17368


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