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Avoiding Slips and Falls, Workplace


Submitted by Kentucky Steve.

Stand Firm:
Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls at Work

Slips, trips and falls are the third leading
cause of workplace injury, and account for
12 percent of workplace fatalities. Vigilant
compliance with safety regulations and
commonsense caution can prevent most falls.

*Falls Risks

• Wet or slippery walkways
• Clutter or wires blocking passages
• Broken stairs or handrails
• Improper use of ladders or other height
*Tips for Prevention

• First and foremost, watch where you’re going.
• Keep all aisles, stairs and walkways free of clutter, and keep cabinet
doors and drawers closed when not in use.
• Report broken stairs or loose stair coverings.
• Immediately pick up and clean up any dropped items or spills
• Use caution on stairways: use handrails and take one step at a time.
• When walking on a wet or slippery surface, slow down, take small
steps, and keep a hand free for balance.
• If your work area tends to be wet, dirty, or oily, wear slip-resistant
footwear, and keep the soles clean for better traction. Request nonskid
floor coatings and slip-resistant mats in slippery or heavy traffic areas.
• Place chains, guardrails, or warning tapes around elevated areas.
• Keep all harnesses and other fall protection equipment in
working order, and use them correctly.
• When using a ladder, start with a firm, solid surface. Inspect the ladder
before and after every job. And follow the safety rules
and warnings posted on the ladder.
• Report even a minor fall. It could prevent someone from
experiencing a more serious injury down the line.

Source: National Safety Council


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