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General Discussion / Paint Booth for Rent?
« on: June 29, 2012, 07:50:35 pm »
Does anyone know of any shops that rent out their paint booths? I have all the needed spray guns and other equipment...all I need is a booth for a day/weekend. If I have to, I can build a temp one in my backyard...but I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't be very appreciative or approving of such a venture. This is a common thing over in Britain...shops with spray booths for rent are everywhere.

As I was coming home from a golf course in the Fishing Creek area above Harrisburg, bear in mind that it was 3:00 in the afternoon and 95 stinkin' degrees out, my TJ seemed to be running a little on the toasty side. No boil over, but it was above the 210 mark while running on Rt. 283.

I'm going to start with a flush and fill, new 'stat and housing, and see what happens from there. I know that the OEM radiators are basically junk (with the plastic tank and whatnot) and replacing it is going to be a consideration as well. Any suggestions as to which radiator I should install? I would like to keep it a bolt in replacement...only a heavier-duty unit.

Oh yeah, I also added a winch a couple months ago, and maybe that's blocking some of the airflow to the rad. I have a vinyl cover on the winch...maybe I could just peel that off and see if the increased airflow helps with the cooling.

I have an electric SPAL fan that I was going to put in my F150, but it might find a new home in the TJ...if it fits.

Technical Advice and Questions / TJ steering linkage
« on: May 15, 2010, 11:17:16 am »
I'm looking at my steering linkage on my TJ, and I'm wondering how "flat" or straight the actual tubes are on a TJ. I never really took notice as to whether they are supposed to be totally straight or if there are engineered bends in the linkage. As it stands now, there is a kink in the drag link at the coupler. So much so that it's now contacting the track bar and the right-side tie rod end brushes over the track bar mount. Knowing that I slipped into a rather gnarly rut while 'wheeling on a friend's property might have something to do with this situation, so I am now trying to figure out what I need to replace. The ultimate solution would be an upgrade.

Technical Advice and Questions / OBD II Codes
« on: February 08, 2010, 10:26:08 pm »
Hey all! My '99 TJ is showing me a CHECK ENGINE light as of Saturday AM...yep, we were out rompin' in the snow. It's running fine, wasn't running hot, checked the oil level (it was fine, as usual), gas cap is a little over a year old (thought that might be the culprit) looked at this, looked at that, and I'm stumped.  ???

Does anyone know how to bring up the OBD II codes by doing the key-turning-trick deal? I cycled the switch between ON and OFF 3 times and left it set at ON and ACC on seperate attempts, and no codes came up in the Odometer. Is that the right procedure? I'm almost to the point of pulling the battery cable to see if it goes away, but I would rather know what the issue is before I do that.

I did it before, but it was a looooong time ago, and I forgot 'exactly' how I did it. With another 2 feet of snow coming tomorrow, I need to drive it to get to work....the "Ugly-A$$ Beater" is NOT snow worthy!  ::)

Technical Advice and Questions / Broken Wheel Studs
« on: March 13, 2009, 11:36:13 pm »
Has anyone ever replaced broken wheel studs? Is it a P.I.T.A.? Should I just take it somewhere and shell out the coin for someone else to do it? I never had to replace any lugs since I never broke any, so I'm in the dark on this topic. Ford 8.8 axle, by the way.

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