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General Discussion / Uniteds New Website
« on: October 16, 2010, 07:26:58 pm »

United Four Wheel Drive Associations has launched a new website with a brand new look and
some great new features. UFWDA now has a letter generator and a section of the site that allows
you to access your congressman with all of their contact information in one quick and easy
location. You can subscribe to our new Land Use Bulletins and much more! Please check out our
new site and take a look around at

United Four Wheel Drive Associations would like to extend our gratitude to PA Jeeps for
funding the new site and for all of their support!

Richard Drechsel
Director of Public Relations
P.O. Box 16982
Chesapeake, VA 23328

email: PRdirector @ UFWDA.ORG

Just as a follow up. United gave the PA Jeeps a really great spot on the front page of the siite.  Go there and check it out!!!

National Issues / “Responsible Recreation Use Equates to Access”
« on: September 12, 2010, 10:26:18 am »

UFWDA is in need of some of your participation.  It will only take about 5 minutes of your time to register and vote so that the government knows that we want access for four wheel drive enthusiasts too. Yes, your ONE vote does make a difference! Be counted!

Search for “Responsible Recreation Use Equates to Access”


Richard Drechsel and I have posted our Press Release on our Facebook page (!/pages/United-Four-Wheel-Drive-Associations-UFWDA/100178310035694?ref=ts )  as well as many forums, but we didn't get them all. So, if you're in a club or on any four wheel drive forums, please cut and paste the press release, attached below, and pass it on.


Here's a list of where it has been posted:


Infamous 4X4

Jp Magazine

Mike's Totally Free Jeep News Now

PA Jeeps

The CJ2A Page

Tidewater Fourwheelers

VA 4X4

Jeep Forum


Jeep Wrangler Forum

Southside Jeepers Forum

NOVA Jeepers Forum

CJ Offroad Forum

15th Annual (2010) / Show Memorabilia
« on: July 12, 2010, 10:54:58 am »
This being our 15th year, I thought it would be neat to display some of the items from past shows.  If you have anything you would like to lend for the display tables please bring it to me at the PA Jeeps area on the stage.  This could include Programs, Show T-shirts, Staff shirts, Dash plaques,Trophies and even Photos.  The older the better.  I have some stuff, but not enough to fill a table.  Any questions, contact me.  Wayne

National Issues / United on Facebook
« on: March 04, 2010, 12:01:04 pm »

United Four Wheel Drive Associations is now on Facebook

Hey folks.

UFWDA is now on Facebook. Lots of new things are happening, stay informed.

Here's the link to the "Save Our Trails" cause page:

Be sure to check out the Discussion Board there too. The link is underneath the list of Top Recruiters to the right. You can get the link to the monthly eNews there, and also the Voice, which is the quarterly digital eZine that reads just like a magazine, but with your computer. Both of these are available free.

Not familiar with UFWDA, or like to subscribe to eNews so it comes directly to your inbox (link is to the upper right)? Visit .

Richard Drechsel
Director of Environmental Affairs

13th Annual (2008) / Show Tidbits
« on: July 22, 2008, 11:35:18 am »

Although some of the critical comments were deleted (I'm an Admin but didn't, nor would I have deleted them. I just would have moved them into a new topic) before I could comment, I wanted to share just a few things about the show for clarification.

Keep in mind that we have a contract with the York Expo Center that is 30 pages thick.

Food and Water.  If it was up to us, we would have free water stations located all around the show field and vendors areas.  However, our contract states that we cannot give away any drinks free (water or otherwise), unless it is an emergency, heat exhaustion, etc.  If we bring water into the show for our Volunteers it has to be the "Official Water" of the Expo Center.  I think it's Dasani, I don't remember.  As for food, Brickers Fries is the sole vendor for food and drinks at the Expo Center.  The only say that we have is how many food vendors we have and where they are put.  I personally would rather have pit beef stands, seafood stands, etc. but our hands are tied on this.  The reasons why the food vendors were moved to the outside of the track was because 1. to make room for more vendor space and 2. the parts vendors across the aisle from them had complained about the greasy smoke drifting through their tents all weekend. 

ATM.  We requested a portable ATM be put inside the Vendor area for easier access and were denied by the "Official Bank" of the Expo Center.

Why we don't have it in the spring or fall.  That's easy.  Rain, Rain, Rain... You have no idea how much it cost to put on  this show.  Guaranteed it's a lot more then you think.  If it would rain even the week of the show (not even during the show) we could not get the dirt needed to build the "Obstacle Course"  It would be way too soft to get the Bulldozer and Dump trucks into the place where we pick up from(Briarwood Golf). 
The vendors spend a lot of money to get here and set up.  Rain kills the Spectator gate which kills potential sales, etc, etc.  It's the old snow ball effect.  It would be impossible to have a rain date because of all the scheduling and reservations that are made. Hot and sunny is better then cold and rainy, at least in this case.

First Aid.  We keep first aid kits at the PA Jeeps Stage.  Many of our members/volunteers at the show are trained in first aid and CPR. The PA Jeeps pay for some or all of their training every year. (A perk of being a member)    I believe there is a fire station two blocks from the Expo Center in case there was something more pressing. Usually we get a few cut and scratches, mostly from the kids falling down and stuff.  No Heat exhaustion this year. Suprise, Suprise.

Raffle.  It is what it is.  It always takes a long time.  We give away a lot of stuff.  I guess we could cut back on the number of raffle items we give away to speed things up. Yeah, that's what we'll do... as for me having 3 conversations at one time, that's easy, I have 7 different personalities, I can handle it.

Stage.  It was our first time up there.  Things will run much smoother next year with set up, placement, parade of Jeeps etc...if there is a next year.

Announcer.  Worst year he ever had.  We are trying to get him replaced with Billy Crystal or Chris Rock!!!!

I hope this answered some of your questions....   W.

Website Announcements / Updates / New Rule for new users and old
« on: July 21, 2008, 10:05:11 pm »
Because of the comments posted by users recently, in thirty days from today (August 20) your real name will have to appear in either your screenname (for New Users)or in your post signature.  This is also being done because of the huge amount of spam requests we get every day for forum approval.
The United Four Wheel Drive Associations Forum has required from their beginings that you could only use your real name as a screenname.  Unfortunately that horse has already left the barn, and we can't go back. 

Example: Jane_Doe or even Jane_Doe88YJ is ok.  If you already have a sceenname then your post signature or personal text (ex. mine to the left says PA Jeeps-President which is my personal text and my post signature is Wayne Fish) will have to contain your real name. If it's not done by the deadline your screenname will be deleted.  You will then have to re-register on the forum and start over.  If I find out that you used a fictious name you will be banned.  If you think this violates your right to anonymity, well, you would be right.   Wayne

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