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Hey Guy’s it’s almost that Time of Year Once More, NPLD 2014/09/27.........
I thought that I would put this out earlier this year so it will give you some time to chose an existing Volunteer Projects and/or submit one of your own before National Public Lands Day, September 27, 2014.

Here are some Pennsylvania Sites, Good Luck and let’s get out there…………

Just a suggestion if there are no NPLD Projects in your area and there is a Public Land ORV/OHV Shared Access Recreation Area near you get organized for a General Clean Up and/or even cut in a new approved trail too enhance the area for future wheeler’s……….


Hatfield-McCoy OHV/ORV Shared Access Regional Recreation Areas (Ivy City Branch)

Good News for a change!

Hey Guy’s, here is the New Statutes for WV Hatfield-McCoy OHV/ORV Shared Access Regional Recreation Areas I would suggest that you read through them and get familiar with them before you make a trek there. What you are looking at is the following filing that goes into effect July 8th 2013:

204CSR1:   Title 204 Legislative Rule Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Area
 §204-1-2.      Definitions.
 §204-1-2.17      “ORV” or “off road vehicle”
 § 204-1-3.      General Rules Governing Public Use of the Hatfield-McCoy Recreation Area.
 § 204-1-3.2.      Subject to restrictions of particular trail widths as designated………
 § 204-1-3.3.      It is unlawful and a violation………
 § 204-1-3.4.      
 § 204-1-3.5.      
 § 204-1-3.6.      
 § 204-1-3.7.      
 § 204-1-3.8.      
 § 204-1-3.9.      
 § 204-1-3.11.      
 § 204-1-3.12.      
 § 204-1-3.14.      
 § 204-1-3.15.      
 § 204-1-3.20.   
 § 204-1-3.21.      
 § 204-1-3.24.   
 § 204-1-4.      Drivers and Passengers.
 § 204-1-4.2.      
 § 204-1-4.3.      
 § 204-1-4.4.      
 § 204-1-4.5.      
 § 204-1-4.9.      
 § 204-1-4.11.      
 § 204-1-4.12.      
 § 204-1-4.13.
 § 204-1-5.      Equipment Requirements.
 § 204-1-5.2.      
 § 204-1-5.3.      
 § 204-1-5.4.      
 § 204-1-5.5.      
 § 204-1-5.7.      
 § 204-1-5.8.      
 § 204-1-6.      User Permits and Identification.
 § 204-1-6.*.      in part and in whole  § 204-1-6..      
 § 204-1-7.      Revocation of User Permit.
 § 204-1-7.*.      in part and in whole  § 204-1-7..      
 § 204-1-8.      Special Utilization Licenses.
 § 204-1-8.*.      in part and in whole  § 204-1-8..
 § 204-1-9.      Review, Hearing, and Appeal.
 § 204-1-9.*.      in part and in whole  § 204-1-9..
 § 204-1-10.      Enforcement of Rules Governing Public Use of the Hatfield-McCoy Recreation Area
 § 204-1-10.*.      in part and in whole  § 204-1-10..

Now you may do a comparison with the 2013 to the last Filing of 2010.
Well now that you have done a comparison of the fore stated § (the noted Sub-Section identify those § that now include ORV’s that were precluded prior to this filing) any mention of an ORV (both licensed and/or non- licensed) would be what we wheel and is now all inclusive in the 2013 Filing which was not present in the 2010 and prior Filings…………



Here is the Hatfield-McCoy Trails Web Site, please note that the web sit has note been updated too reflect the use of Off Road Vehicles (ORVs, both Licensed and Non-Licensed ), and the Ivy City Branch Images has note been added to the Maps Section either. So please bear with them since it will not be implemented until July 8th 2013………..


Hey Guy’s, here is symposium number two of the PEC/DCNR 2011 Pennsylvania Greenways & Trails Summit, September 11th through the 13th, the PaOHV has been asked to take the lead on this one and will be making a presentation. Let’s see if we can ACT-UP and get a larger turnout then we had at the October 2010 Symposium where the Coalition for Shared Access for Motorized Recreation was 40% of the 165 Participants’ not bad since there where only three of us during the 2008 Symposium’s……….

Items that need brought to the floor:
1)  Northumberland OHV Area needs too be placed on the Ballot prior to the next election for a Public Referendum of Support for the OHV Area, while manipulating support for the Area.

2)  A means to Tariff Four Wheel Driving Vehicles / 4x4 Licensed Motorized Vehicles in the Commonwealth so too build a Grant Pool to match those of the Motor Cycle, ATV and UTV Grant Pools. (Your monies to purchase Properties for Parks)

It’s your turn to take it from here guy’s, since this Old Dawg got the door opened for you to take your next step inside, remember you can affect more changes from inside the system in lieu of from the outside…………

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