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Regional Issues / Get involved in your state's RTP
« on: August 14, 2012, 11:14:38 pm »
Look, the Federal Recreational Trails Porgram uses your gas sales tax money to fund it. A program that actually is funded by real money. This is YOUR money! Get involved in your state's RTP. Make sure funds are being commited to Motorized Recreation, as it is suppose to. If you can, submit grant requests. Read up on your state's Web Site to see your state's requirements. See if your land manager(s) will submit on your behalf if it is on Public owned land.
Maryland's grant review for this year is to take place on August 22nd. So anything submitted now would be for FY2014.
Have a great day!

 ;D The Maryland DNR developed a group of Off Highway users, Four Wheel Drive, ATV, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobile, etc. Since the closure of 3 major and popular trail systems, the DNR offered this group to try to establish new areas to ride or wheel and solutions that may offer other opertunities. At this next meeting, Kyle from Rausch Creek has agreed to do a talk there. Rausch Creek does it better than any other place, period. The manager of the Maryland RTP will be there too. There are a number of sites under consideration. Each with it's own unique challenges to over come before becoming reality. But, one place is already underway. Unfortunately, there is really nothing there for us, yet. This has the potential to offer up some nice new places to wheel and even camp. Needless to say, I am cautiously optimistic.  We shall see!

 :) Hey, I have been told that what we do at Potomac is now considered the old fashion way to wheel. Well, I guess I am old fashion, as I enjoy camping in the sticks. Sitting around the camp fire with friends. Driving the ole Jeep on some "Jeep trails". Some of these date back to at least the C.C.C.'s and were originally built by hand! They did not much worry about how steep a trail was, either.
Here is the deal. You get to camp under a canopy of trees. It is primitive camping, yet most any rig can camp there. Just use care coming into the site. It is a group site. $20.00 per night, split up amongst each camping rig there. There is an outhouse that is very well maintained in walking distance from the campsite, but plenty far away. Nuff said there. We do a few hours of volunteer trail work on Saturday morning. In exchange, we receive access to some really fun routes, that offer varying degrees of challenge, but nothing extreme, complete with outstanding scenery. Understand, typically, we were the last ones to drive these routes, since the previous year. This is not only a four wheel drive weekend. It is a social event. You can go fishing there and near there. Boating near there. Site seeing. Unique shops in Garrett County. Still, the best part is being with great folks all weekend.
Check out the write up in the news letter and this section. Sure hope some of you all can make it. Once you go, you will be hooked! Hey, it is the very place that got me hooked on Jeepin' all the way back in the 1960's in a 1956 CJ5..
Have a great day!

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