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NON PA Jeeps Events / New car show in Hershey, PA Sun. Sept. 20.
« on: September 14, 2015, 03:07:05 pm »
Just found out about this one!  PAWS of PA, a regional 100% volunteer animal rescue, is holding its first annual car, truck, and motorcycle show called "The Fast and the Furriest".  All proceeds will go to PAWS.  30 judging classes with trophies to be awarded.  There will also be special exhibition, race, and custom vehicle displays on the show field.

AACA Auto Museum, 161 Museum Drive (Rt. 39), Hershey, PA

Registration is 9-noon.

Show is from 9AM-3PM.

More info:  or (717) 576-5988



E15 ethanol can cause damage to your motorcycle or ATV and void its warranty if used.

Riders, please read and sign the petition to protect your rights.

General Discussion / Alaska Off-Road Warriors
« on: December 28, 2014, 10:17:27 pm »
Anybody else watching this show?  It's crazy!  If you haven't seen it but want to, you can catch up online:

19th Annual (2014) / Death Wobble's 2014 Jeep Show Photos
« on: July 19, 2014, 06:33:47 pm »
Here is a link to the photos that I took at the show today.  Enjoy! --Angie

18th Annual (2013) / Death Wobble's 2013 Jeep Show Photos
« on: July 21, 2013, 09:47:41 pm »

I had a limited amount of time to take photos this year, but there you go!  It was great to see many of you once again, and nice to meet a lot of interesting new folks.  Hope that everyone gets home safe, and thanks to all who brought their Jeeps for us to check out!

General Discussion / D'OH!
« on: November 01, 2012, 12:48:06 am »
Don't try this at home:
This would be a good candidate for that TV show, "Dumbest Stuff on Wheels"!
¿Cómo se dice, ángulo ventral?

General Discussion / Jeep of the Month
« on: September 30, 2012, 10:01:50 am »
Are you proud of your Jeep?  Would you like to have it featured in our offical newsletter for all to see?  If so, send a clear photo with a short story and description of your Jeep to .  I need submissions to continue this monthly feature without interruption.  Thanks!

Other Events / Halloween Car Show Oct. 13 (Levittown, Pa)
« on: August 27, 2012, 09:58:20 pm »
Bolton Mansion's Halloween Car Show and Trick or Treat Event.

Saturday, Oct.13, 2012   Rain Date: Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012

Show Time 12 pm to 4 pm.  Gates open 10 am.

Awards to Top 25 cars (participant judged), Best of Show, Best Halloween Decorated Car, Specialty Awards.
Children Invited to Trick or Treat  on show Field.  Best Costume Award for Children and Adults at 2 pm.

Free general admission.
Car Registration $15.00 (Day of Show).

Food Available. Music, Vendors, Chinese Auction, Raffle, 50/50,
Tours of Historic 1687 Bolton Mansion.
85 Holly Drive, Levittown, Pa 19055


Other Events / Hampton Fire Company Car Show (New Oxford, PA)
« on: August 27, 2012, 09:55:05 pm »
Hampton Fire Company 16th annual Fall Fest Car and Craft Show.

Sat. Sept. 22, 9-4

Lots of food & fun, Plenty of cars & crafts, Pit beef & pork sandwiches, fresh cut fries, kettle cooked soups, burgers, baked goods, breakfast sandwiches for the early birds !

Reading Twp. Police Kid Print and more.

Come & enjoy the day with us !

Hampton Fire Co. #10
5371 Carlisle Pike
New Oxford, Pa. 17350


cars-call Sue @ 717-752-6701 or 717-324-4202

crafts-call jody @ 717-624-7886 or Judy @ 717-624-4343
(leave a message if no answer for all numbers)

Benefits the Hampton Fire Company



17th Annual (2012) / Death Wobble's 2012 Jeep Show Pictures!
« on: July 23, 2012, 10:07:53 am »
Wow!  What a weekend!  A little chill, a little rain, and finally, some great warm sunshine to end the event!  I was glad to see so many vendors, participants and spectators coming out to have a good time!  It was great to catch up with those who I don't get to see that often, too!  Keep in touch!

My Saturday photos:

My Sunday photos:  Plenty of pics of our handsome men and beautiful ladies in pink, as well as XJs (of course) and the O course! 

I'm loving everyone else's photos, too!  Thanks for posting them all!  It's great to see the show from all those different perspectives!


DATE: August 17th, 18th and 19th, 2012

DIRECTIONS: From Baltimore-Take I-695 to I-70 West (Frederick) to I-68 West (Cumberland) just past Hancock. You will exit from the left lane. Use caution, sharp turn. Continue on I-68 to Exit 14 US 219 SOUTH. Stay with US 219 SOUTH on into Oakland. This will take you past Deep Creek Lake. On the back side of Oakland, you will have to make a left at a light on a hill to stay with US 219 SOUTH. At the next large intersection you will continue straight onto MD 135 East. (from this point on, you will only pass 2 gas stations known to be open. A Liberty station at the next light on your left, or the BP station in sight of the next turn on your right on 135. Please gas up before getting to the campsite.) Next you will get to MD 560 SOUTH by taking a right at the light in Mountain Lake Park.


Exit off of I-68 onto Exit 19, MD 495 South. (left at end of ramp) Eventually, it will change into 135 West at a flashing light. Later, you will see a BP on your left. (gas up there). The light you will come to is MD 560, turn left.

Now you will cross over some railroad tracks and head up a steep hill. Follow 560 around by making a left on the crest of that hill, which will take you through Loch Lynn Heights.
Stay on 560 South for a while. You will go down a large steep hill. At the bottom, the road will start to veer to the right. Next your make a left turn onto White Church Road. You will go up this hill and come to a fork in the road. Go to your left. The road will drop down in service level and will feature some very sharp turns and often it’s share of pot holes. You will go through a farm and then start down a grade. The road will soon become gravel/dirt. You will eventually come to another fork in the road. There will be a DNR sign in the middle of the fork. Take the right fork which will head you up hill. The road will swing right at the top and straighten out.
Look for a yellow gate on your right close to the road. The road will hit the road you are on at 90 degrees. Turn right there. You have arrived.
If you come up to a concrete outhouse on your left, you missed the turn.

If the gate is closed, just open it and let yourself in. You will see where to camp to your left.  If you have a large trailer or motorhome, you may need to camp in the open area. Again, you will see what I mean. Please consider other folks, as if you have a tent or small pop-up, save the larger flat level areas for the larger rigs.  This is a large area to camp with lots of options for what ever you use.

DESCRIPTION OF TRIP: This is my family’s favorite place to go and typically is our family’s vacation location. This is a family oriented trip, which features outstanding primitive(dry) camping, in the woods, excellent scenery, very enjoyable four wheeling on old wooded CCC roads, possible swimming, fishing, unique shopping opportunities and a great chance to do some team conservation work.
We may do some wheeling on Friday. Instead of paying a fee for wheeling, we spend a few hours on Saturday morning doing a bit of volunteer work. We may brush out a snow mobile trail, paint some gates, mark some trails, or the like. Not horrible work. Plus, we get to go on otherwise routes off limits to four wheel drive sometimes. So, if you have a chain saw or bow saw, gloves and safety glasses, please consider bringing them along. Keep in mind, we will be wheeling on some routes rarely traveled.
Now if this event becomes a controlled public event, then we will just be wheeling, but hosting some new folks
Lunch will probably be at the campsite. Then we do some wheeling. Dinner. Then, do some more wheeling or swimming and then some nice campfire. Sunday, will feature some more wheeling, possible swimming, etc.
If you choose to stay until Monday, it can be a chill out day. Shopping, fishing and packing.
I have reserved the site from the 15th – 22nd. You and your friends and guests are more than welcome to come up earlier and/or stay later. You very well may go on your own at those times. Trust me, there are far more things to do than time to do them.

DESCRIPTION OF FOUR WHEELING: The roads we plan on using are typically very tight, little used old Jeep trails, often there from either the CCC’s work, old timber operation or another multiple use trail, such as a snowmobile route. In most cases, a stock Jeep can handle most of these roads. There are a few difficult sections that may be an issue. They feature some rocks, steep grades and sometimes wash outs. Most of these trails are not suitable for a full size rig and if the conditions are not dry, some routes would not be open to full size rigs. If conditions are very wet, some routes may have to be avoided. The area dries quickly, so if we can not do a road one day, we may be able to do it the next.

RULES: We have an extremely unique opportunity here. So, Tread Lightly! Or not at all! Everyone will air down, no exception. If you get hung, up, do not rip up the trail. These routes are typically not open. If we mess them up, this will be closed to us, too. No Alcohol on the trail rides. No exceptions! Pets are permitted. Owners must keep control of their pets and clean up after them. No independent wheeling. We go as a group, only. Mind you, anyone can hike or ride a bicycle around, or go fishing, swimming, site seeing, etc., anytime you want. You may explore around on normally open routes all you want.

FISHING: There is fishing in Laurel Run, the Potomac River or several other areas outside of the Laurel Run/Wallman area. The Jennings Randolph Lake is an excellent place to take any kind of small to medium sized power boat. Broadford Lake must be electric or a non-power boat. You can fish from the bank or pier at Broadford. There is a small usage fee at both locations. Excellent fishing there. You must have a Maryland Fishing Fresh Water License. Also, a trout stamp to fish the River and Laurel Run, if over the age of 16.

SWIMMING: Last year was perfect for a swim. We stayed there for several hours. There is a nice swimming hole in the Potomac River that is a local favorite. There is a beach at Jennings.

CAMPING: This is what they call “dry camping.” There are NO hook ups. No set camping pads on our site. There is a concrete outhouse in easy walking distance from the site, but not too close. The ground is rocky. Plastic or cheap metal stakes are generally worthless there. You will actually be camping under the trees. Last year when it was 108 in Baltimore, it was a high of 85 degrees at this campsite. Anything from a pup-tent to a moderate sized motorhome will work
The camping fee is for the entire site. Thus the cost will be divided up amongst the attendees, based on camping families/units. The more folks show up, the less the fee for each family.
LODGING: There is a motel in Mountain Lake Park. Long Branch Saloon
1501 Maryland Hwy, Mountain Lake Pk, MD 21550
(301) 334-4533
 I honestly know very little about it. So Hey, it is near a good auto parts store. There are places in Oakland, as well. 135 Liberty
389 Weber Rd, Oakland, MD 21550

WEATHER: Garrett County is the wettest region in Maryland. So, rain is not out of the question. The temperatures may range as high as the upper 80’s (rare) to as low as the low 40’s at night. If it is very humid, (possible, but not typical,) Avon’s Skin So Soft or a good bug repellent can save your trip.

Your own water, camping gear or Motel reservations, food and cash to go toward the group camping site.
Tow hooks on your rig or a good place to hook up.
Tire Air gauge
Spare Tire and Jack
Start out with a full tank of gas. (Please fuel up before getting to the campsite. There is a BP station in site of the turn off to Route 560)

Recommended gear:
31” tires are larger
Skid plates
Flash light(s)
Small travel cooler for trail ride snacks and cold drinks (no alcohol on trail)
Sun glasses
Sun screen
Bug repellent
Extra water
Extra toilet paper
Air Compressor
Rain gear
Tarp to cover your tent
Bow and/or chain saw
Work gloves
Tools, especially to disconnect sway bar and a hammer for tent stakes.
Chairs for sitting around Camp Fire
CB radio (channel 34)
Cell Phone (service is limited, but does exist at the campsite)
First Aid Kit
Oh, by all means, do not forget your Camera!

WHO CAN ATTEND: Any Middle Atlantic Member in good standing, potential member and invited guests. All attendees are expected to follow the rules of Tread Lightly! Please contact me (Preston) as to let me know that you and your guests are coming up, including a vehicle count. It simply helps me to lay out the trail ride schedule. By all means, I encourage you to bring the entire family up and friends. It is an outstanding family location. There are literally tons of things to do in Garrett County.

My Cell Phone Number is (Verizon) 443-605-3573. Remember the signal is only but so good up there. Keep trying.

See you there!

General Discussion / Towels for our Pals!
« on: April 22, 2012, 12:05:31 pm »
Hello, everyone!

I would like to start a collection of bath towels to donate to the York County SPCA.  Do you have a set of towels that you just don't use anymore?  Are they faded or a little frayed?  How about an odd towel that just doesn't match the rest?  Well, don't let them waste space in your storage room any longer!  Bring them to the next club meeting (Fri. May 11), or to our Go Topless Day event (same location) on Sat. May 19!

These towels are very versatile, from drying the pets after bathing, to giving them a soft place to lay in their cages.  As you can imagine, they need a lot and go through them quickly as they get worn out.  You can get them pretty cheap at the dollar stores, wholesale club stores, and places like Ollie's, too!  (Why not ask your co-workers if they have any to spare as well)?  Let's fill a big box next month with Towels for our Pals!  :)

Other Events / "Romancing the Chrome" Car Show (With a JEEP category)!
« on: March 31, 2012, 08:27:17 pm »
The Romancing the Chrome car show is being held on Saturday, April 14 at Jarrett's Field in Jarrettsville, MD.  Address is 3722 Norrisville Rd., across from the Jarrettsville Library.
Nine vehicle classes (including JEEP) will be judged.  A special "Journey Stories" category will also be available for any vehicle with an incredible road trip story!  Trophies will be given to the highest scoring cars on the field (Top 25), the car with the highest odometer reading, and the dirtiest jeep or pick up.

Prizes include $75 for Best in Class to $500 grand prize for Best in Show!

More information:

General Discussion / Jeep of the month!
« on: March 24, 2012, 12:03:44 pm »
Hey everyone!

As you know, we feature a "Jeep of the month" in every issue of our newsletter.  We are in need of submissions for this month and future months.  If you'd like yours to be featured in the newsletter, please send a clear photo and a brief description of how you obtained it and what you've done with it.  Submit this to me either in a PM on this website, or to my newsletter email address featured at the top of your last newsletter.  Let's keep this interesting feature rolling without a break in the action!  Thanks, and I'm looking forward to your entries!


Newsletter Editor

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