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General Discussion / Snow Run possible for Sunday January 5, 2014
« on: January 02, 2014, 09:38:22 pm »
The annual impromptu snow run from the Deer lodge in Mt. Holly to Pine Grove Furnace is possible for Sunday, January 5 2014.  Meeting at the Deer lodge at 8:30 am IF there interest and if there is a measurable amount of snow.

General Discussion / 4.2 to 4.0 motor swap information:
« on: November 08, 2012, 02:59:36 pm »
I am doing some leg work on a motor swap but I have some questions.    The jeep in question is a 1989 YJ wrangler with a carb 4.2 liter 258cid engine/automatic  it is stock, right down to the itty bity P215R15 tires and D35 rear end.    The motor locked up one week after purchase and it has been at a garage since.  The owners have sourced a 4.0 from a 1993 jeep (might be a wrangler or cherokee I do not know)  I also do not know if it is just the engine, engine with wiring harness, or a whole jeep. 

What do I need to make this swap work?  crank position sensor on the fly wheel or a vibration dampener sensor?

What about O2 sensors?   What are the wiring harness issues?

What about retaining the carb on the 4.0? will the carb intake bolt to the 4.0 head,  Cost is a factor here I am told.

Anyone know of a Running 4.2 available cheap,   I am trying to run down options and costs.   Thanks

NON PA Jeeps Events / OCT 13,14 2012, AAOA second clean up
« on: August 28, 2012, 01:27:11 am »
A public cleanup at the AOAA is scheduled for October 13 and 14th. Slowly but surely we are getting things done! Your help would be very much appreciated.
Mark your Calendar!

My 2005 Rubicon LJ's transmission went  'splody BOOM 

It started simply enough,  I ran down to vintage jeep to drop off the distributor for my 1946 Jeep and a used pencil gear to correct the speedometer in my 1981.  On the way home I took I83 North to the PA turnpike,  no issues at all,  cruised the Turnpike to Carlisle,  and as I pulled away from the toll plaza I had no 4th gear!  Just noise.  I nursed it home and did some testing and fears are confirmed fourth gear is broken in my 6 speed. 

Now the saga begins.  First call was down to Mt. Zion,  to see if they had a line on a used transmission or knew of issues with the nsg 370  (there are some)  Found out that this is a DEALER only repair.  I checked around at a really good transmission shop,  he does not even list that parts for that transmission in his books,  the NSG 370 is "engineered" to be difficult to fix with out specialist tools and stands. 

I have been in contact with several dealerships,  I am not real impressed with Brenner,  Outten (were I bought it) is kind of far away. Freedom seems to be gouging there labor prices so any one have any input on Dealerships down York ways?  Right now I am leaning towards taking it to Susquehanna Dodge Chrysler Jeep   but I will have to rent a trailer to get it down there.  (I could drive it down skipping the bad gear but at risk of making my transmission UN-rebuildable) 

Preliminary cost  are egregious,  a new transmission from Chrysler is running around $2050 + tax + fluids + clutch/pressure plate and throw out bearing,  then you add in the labor.  Incidentally  my jeep is 4000 miles past its power train warranty.  What confuses me is I was not even in 4ths when it failed.   Comments: 

Regional Issues / Trail building information and techniques
« on: December 12, 2011, 02:56:37 pm »
Thankfully, we are in a rare opportunity to construct  and improve a new trail system for not just us but a large cross section of users.  The purpose of this thread is informational,  If you have something to add please feel free to.    What I envision is a repository of reference books, links, post and images that will help us build proper trails at AAOA.     I have some experience in doing this from Appalachian Trail work I did as  a Eagle scout service project.  The biggest references I used were books "Lightly on the Land"    and the Boyscout Field Manual which has chapters on constructing footpaths,  while this may not seem like it applies to jeep trails, It does, and taking steps to control soil erosion during trail cutting makes for a long lasting trails that remain open.  How many awesome trails are closed now due to erosion  at Telco?  One of the simplest methods in constructing water bars,  these have a dual purpose of retaining soil on the trail bed and diverting water flow to the side of the trail and dispersing it to the side.    Below is just the first couple of links that came up in my search.  Start looking things over and look for information we can adapt to these projects at AAOA.

15th Annual (2010) / Great JOB, this year
« on: July 18, 2010, 08:57:17 pm »
Great job over all this year for all that worked before during and afterward.

Technical Advice and Questions / CJ steering column wooOs!
« on: May 23, 2010, 12:06:52 pm »
My 1981 CJ8 has let me sit AGAIN,  last month I ended up towing it home because the ignition key would not unlock the column.  After it was home I had a new key cut from a lock smith, this worked flawlessly until last last night the Fing thing would not unlock again.  I just spent the better part of three hours disassembling  the steering column until I got the stupid lock plate off so the steering at least turned free enough to tow it home again (steering was locked to the right)   Once home I have continued to disassemble the column in hopes that I can just replace the lock cylinder.  BUT I CAN'T get the &()&(^%*&90 off.  I am 5 minuts from hacking it off with a sawzall unless any of you have any ideas.   At this point I may need a 1981 or so CJ steer column.  HELP before I do something stupid with power tools and a torch.   

I fixed the front axle of my 1982 CJ8 dana 30 front axle over the last three days or so.  This axle is mostly stock except for a trash lok limited slip and WARN internal locking hubs.  Here is the adventure of working on jeeps in the snow.   

First block the tires and jack up the jeep securing it on wheel stands,  this make take a couple tries as my floor jack does not reach anymore and I had to resort to a wobbly old Hi lift jack. 

looking at the picture above, and the list of tool below,  guess what was necessary to remove one locking lug nut after a favorite local mechanic LOST the @#^&$#^&^@(&()&*  Key socket two years ago. 

tool list includes: die grinder, 4" angle grinder, a cut off wheel, welder (that I have no clue how to use), a collection of incorrect sockets, socket wrench , breaker bar, impact gun, 5.lbs and ball peen hammers, chisel, air chisel, saw zall.   Bonus guess how many curse words were uttered in the course of a 5 hours  to remove one locking lug nut  (two down two to go)   answer: all of them,  invention of the devil, locking lug nuts are!

The wheel, is removed and the tire is placed under the jeep for a extra bit of safety.  Next remove the hub body cap by taking 6 set screws out, then the snap rings and wire ring are removed. Once that is done, thread two of the set scres back in to give you purchase to pull the inner hub body out and set it aside in a magnetic tin (just discovered those)

Using a axle nut socket, remove the axle nuts, washers and associated retaining parts along with the bearing, pay attention to how they came out

Pinch off the brake lines and remove from the calipers,  prevents lose of fluid and pissing off parents who work in the the environmental protection field.

After screwing around with a lug nut for 5 hours it is dark and cold, wrenches are freezing to the ground if not kept on the plywood that I put down to work off of,  I also spread a canvas painters drop cloth to make finding lost bits easier when working in the yard. Drive way.  Anyway, take these two nuts off and the caliper should slide off the brake rotor, tie it out of the way (to the frame rail) 

slide a trash bag over the whole works and rubber band it securely in place,  come back and work on this junk pile latter.

National Issues / STOP thrillcraft group threatens our hobby
« on: January 15, 2009, 03:22:34 pm »

"This web site outlines the major problems with thrillcraft use of our public lands. We hope it will be a reference point that activists will return to periodically to find the latest information about thrillcraft impacts, successful strategies used to limit thrillcraft destruction, as well as inspiration to carry on the effort to control and limit these machines and the culture that spawns this use.

Thrillcraft use has risen dramatically since the 1960s. A Forest Service report estimates that 42 million ORV users between 2003 and 2004. Since that time, the number of users has increased to the point where former Chief of the Forest Service Dale Bosworth called Thrillcraft one of the four major threats to national forest lands. Worse yet, machines are increasing in power and mechanical ability enabling them to reach ever more remote lands.

Thrillcraft users are turning our national pride in a national tragedy.
Thrillcraft threaten our national heritage. It is time to take back our lands!"

 online petition against these clowns:

This petition is just to show Thrillcraft how many people enjoy offroad vehicles.

Thrillcraft is an orginization who wants to ban all off road vehicles ranging from ATV's to Dune Buggies. They believe that it is polluting the earth and destroying it as well.

If you own an off road vehicle and believe that you have the privlage to ride it PLEASE SIGN!!!

**The link for the video is 

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