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Title: RCrocks Crawl Event #3 Aug. 17
Post by: lindrlst on August 16, 2013, 12:28:43 pm
Come out and watch ROLO Motorsports team #105 and #916 as we compete in the last event of the RCrocks series held at Rausch Creek off-road park.

Watch as Lorri in #916 tries to hold her position as the series winner two years in a row. Or will kyle Kieper bump her out. Maybe returning competitor Scott Dutter will come in as a spoiler for the last event and stir every thing up.

Watch class  three as Ron in #105 goes up against raining champ and Quadratec team mate Jay Hopko in #222. Will team #105 take another one from Jim and Jay or will those two be on there game and kick butt as they have in the past.

Come out and see the final results as they happen.
Title: Re: RCrocks Crawl Event #3 Aug. 17
Post by: peter84 on August 18, 2013, 06:36:43 pm
Great day yesterday. Team ROLO did well again, congratulations! The 'kill the cone' charity event was good fun, albeit exhausting to keep track of the cones the competitors had to hit.
Title: Re: RCrocks Crawl Event #3 Aug. 17
Post by: lindrlst on August 20, 2013, 12:34:59 pm
Well it was a Win Win for ROLO Motorsports this past weekend with both teams finishing in first place.

Lorri also took first for the series in class one finishing first for all three events thanks to her spotter Chris. These two go out there and put on a great effort together.

It was close with team Quadratec's #105 flopping on the second course and giving team 222 a nice lead. Unfortunatly for team 222 they had a steering failure on the final course. Despite there best efforts to finish the course they had a unfortunate roll over trying to get to the fifth gate which allowed us to take back first.

I can't wait till we get to run against Jay and Jim again. These guys are the best that the sport has to offer in all ways of sportsmanship. The same goes for all of the competitors in our class as well as everyone involved in RCrocks.

We can't wait till the 2014 season. It won't come soon enough.